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Trimet Oy
Specialist in sheet metal parts in Lieto

Trimet Oy

Tuulissuontie 29
21420 Lieto

p. +358 2 489 0111
VAT: FI06291056

Offer request:


Design and drafting:

Billing information

E-invoice address: 003706291056
Operator ID: BAWCFI22
Operator: Basware

If you are unable to submit your invoices as online invoices, paper invoices should be mailed to the address below:
Trimet Oy
## 003706291056 ## (NOTE! Please note that the # characters are as instructed)
PL 683

Or you can email invoices to:   (One invoice per email)

NOTE! Invoices sent by e-mail must include the above address as the billing address.

Other mail will be forwarded to our Offices so we request that only our purchase invoices be sent to the addresses above.
We will be happy to provide more information and answer your questions:
tel. +358 2 489 0111


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